Are you feeling like you are wandering, lost on your life's path ?

Stop searching and learn to use your own Wise Voice Within to know all the answers that are for your highest good.

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At some point in our lives, we ask the questions, "What do I want my life to become?" and "Who am I now?"

The questions may be easy to ask, but knowing what steps to take is not always clear on our own. We become seekers only to get overwhelmed with information (which may even be conflicting) and become stuck and unsure of which direction is best for us.

As a teacher and a coach, it is my desire to help others find those answers. As one who is deeply connected to nature and her teachings, I wish to share these lessons with others who are asking these important questions and want to stop seeking and find all their answers within.


I understand...


Having overcome living in an alcoholic home, marrying and becoming a mom as a young teenager, being in a physically and mentally abusive relationship, surviving deception by spiritual leaders, sexual harassment, two divorces and cancer, I found healing through nature and various spiritual tools and teachings that brough me to self-love and care.

This partially took the form of becoming vegan (1999) and gluten-free (2012). It all brought me to living a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual lifestyle which affords me peace and trust within myself. It freed me from my inner bully - those past beliefs and fears that keep us all stuck, unclear and unhappy.


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Free One-Time 30-minute introductory call with me! Let's get to know each other and what I can do to help guide you to find your Wise Voice Within, allowing you to live the life you desire!

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Private 1:1 coaching tailored to fit your needs. This is a 1-hour session that includes a follow up email within 24 hours.

1:1 Coaching Session Package

One hour 1:1 weekly call tailored to your needs for a 2-month duration (8 total calls). Includes a bonus MP3 Guided Meditation and a download of "Stress Less, Live More: Meditation Made Simple, plus "The 5 Biggest Questions to Ask Yourself to Better Connect with Who You Are and How You Want Your Life to Be" PDF!

Every session includes a follow up email within 24 hours after each session.

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Grace's yoga style is non-traditional in its methods, combining Hatha, Kripalu, Iyengar, Anusara, Yin, Forrest, Vinyasa and various other styles at times. Each class is different, and poses may repeat in various sessions in different sequences. Past poses are intertwined with new poses to avoid "muscle memory." Core fitness is also an added element to class so, some Pilates and other types of core strengthening poses and exercises are added.

All classes end with a relaxing, meditative pose (Savasana). In every class, verbal cueing details what pose comes next and exactly how to safely do each pose. As with any yoga class, you want to honor what your body can do in that particular class on that day, never having judgments or competition with yourself or others. Yoga is not something that should cause pain, and it is up to you how far you want to extend yourself; again, it is about listening to and honoring your body that day.

Your yoga class experience is intended to help you learn to release stress, feel more confident, gain flexibility and strength, relax and have fun (smile!) while feeling energized and becoming in tune with your own body/brain connection. What you practice in class assists in bringing you happiness, a sense of self-empowerment and playfulness to your daily life - overall better wellness. The more you utilize the methods, the quicker you notice the positive results, and the more apt they are to stay with you throughout your life.

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"The meditation gift you presented was inspirational! Thank you!"

Y.A., WI

"Grace...what a FANTASTIC job you did tonight leading the meditation. What a gift for us all to embrace! Thanks again!"

T.B., AZ

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