My Mission

My mission is: To assist others to find joy within themselves and nature. 

Who I Help:

 I guide others to live a more peaceful, healthy life through teachings, coaching, writings, yoga and L'Bri pure, natural and affordable skincare.

What Happens:

You'll be guided to develop your wisdom, strength and inner power through deep inquiry to rediscover who you are- your Wise Voice Within, and how you want your life to unfold.

You'll be shown lessons from nature as well as, the wisdom of the masters. These tools create real shifts and positive changes in your life.

These teachings are available through 1:1coaching, group coaching, special courses and social media.

Benefits You'll See:

  • ​​​Clearer understanding of who you are and the purpose that will bring you fulfillment.

  • Better emotional, spiritual and physical health

  • More loving connections in relationships with people, money and yourself.

  • A new understanding of energy, love and creativity and how to apply it to your life path.

  • Guidance that motivates and empowers you to move in a positive and inspired direction for the life you want to live.


What the heck do I know?


With over forty years of teaching experience, I have guided others to know their personal strength and connect to their inner truth through the lessons of nature. For twenty plus years, I have taught yoga and meditation, instructing hundreds of workshops on spirituality and personal growth for children and adults. Using a combination of teachings, methodologies, tools, and experiences, others are guided to find their Wise Voice Within.


In addition, I have completed the course, Teacher of Presence with Eckhart Tolle and worked with many other spiritual leaders from all over the world. I have received certifications in seven types of yoga as well as barre class; I am trained in Pilates, yoga therapy, and multiple styles of meditation. Furthermore, I have taken courses in Physiology and Fitness from the University of Portsmouth and am a Reiki Master Teacher.


I also had three books published on learning through play along with a multitude of articles. My blog, The Thrifty Naturalist is listed in the top 100 eco-friendly blogs on the Internet.