All courses are presented in a way that allows for playfulness, inner peace, wisdom, and connection to your highest self. Various unique and practical aids are given with each course/workshop allowing you to apply the teachings immediately and expand your personal and spiritual growth.

Grace is a 20+-year yoga practitioner and teacher and was trained in meditation at age 11. She has hosted hundreds of workshops on spirituality/personal growth and eco-consciousness. She is a multi-published author and her personal path of awareness began as a very young child.

The Multifaceted Art of Journaling

Grow your journaling practice with new techniques

Writing by the Water
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E-Book still available (See shop page). 

Journaling can be far more than just writing in the pages of pretty book. Find out how multi-faceted it can be in this hour-long workshop. The workshop comes with and expands on my new eBook, The Multifaceted Art of Journaling, included in the price of the workshop.

The book is a clear, simple manual of 14 diverse ways to journal. Throughout these pages, you will learn of unique journaling options such as Chakra Journaling, Plugging In and The 40 Times Concept, just to name a few.

In the workshop, you will receive more information and ideas on the chapters in the book as well as expanding on how to establish routines, "artistic journaling" and more! You will also have the chance to ask questions and address any issues you have about journaling. All this so you become excited to begin and continue your journaling journey!

Chakra Color Therapy

Shake off the "Corona Blues" with Chakra Color Therapy

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Are you knowing you need to shift areas of your life that are not moving in the direction you'd like? 


Would you like to connect internally to what your soul really desires for you for a career, relationship, health and financial abundance?

Everything is energy and you have energy centers in your body called Chakras. If aligned, they allow life to flow from a higher, natural place - your soul.

In this 6-week course, you will learn:

  • About the basic 7 chakras and we'll touch on other chakras in your body

  • How balanced and imbalanced chakras can affect your life and moods

  • The relationship of colors, foods and music

  • What mantras and affirmations, body movements (such as yoga poses) and mudras (ancient yogic hand gestures) to do for each chakra

  • Which essential oils awaken and assist each chakra

  • Energy work for each chakra

  • Stones that assist with each chakra

  • Meditations for each chakra

  • The musical sound associated with each chakra

  • How to feel connected and balanced in your chakras

  • Creative ways to play with and open up each chakra

  • Ways to integrate your learning for help in daily life's stresses